Custom Fitting

Urban Gowf is our state-of-the-art indoor golf studio and is full equipped with a Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor, a touchscreen monitor for easy navigation of the Foresight Sports software, a 3m tall impact net and much more. We want your custom fitting session to not only be informative but fun too!

What is Custom Fitting?

We understand that when it comes to upgrading your clubs it can be a daunting process to research the massive variety of club heads and shafts out there, not to mention deciding whether those £1,199 Taylormade Irons are actually worthwhile compared to a £200 pre-owned set of Callaway X20s.

Graeme's extensive knowledge of shaft weights, flexes and materials paired with his knowledge of club heads make for a truly bespoke custom fit.

Our primary aim is to be able to show you at the end of your session the precise differences that would either justify an investment in your clubs or even show that actually, your clubs are exactly right for you. That is why when we fit you for any club we start off with the clubs you own. Once we can see, and show you on paper, your distance and dispersion we can look at running through variations of our extensive head and shaft selections to fine tune the clubs you are making that investment into.

Our promise to you is that if at the end of the session we can see that it is not worth the investment we will make sure you know that, and instead we will inform you of the best way to move forward after your session whether that is for lessons or to just remain with the clubs you have.

Why Custom Fitting?

  • Greater confidence
  • Visible distance and dispersion comparison
  • Clear, readable club data
  • No external variables in play
  • Swing analysis throughout

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